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need some landscaing help/ideas

I come here cause I feel like I know you better. yesterday (I live on a hill) the front wall down the hill from my house collapsed,,,ivy everywhere, dirt everywhere, beautiful old stone everywhere, part of a NEW railing ripped out. Tahh dahhh. I'm sick about it. I've been told to not even think of putting the wall back up,,,just backhoe it and let it be. Yoi. I've been planning on moving within a year or so,,,made major $$$$ improvments already, but this one just has me weak in the knees,,,how much more $$$ can I do. Should I call a landscaper ($$$) or a nursery ($$) or what? Please, give me any advice you have. I'm dyin here. I tend to panic first thing,,and that I've done , now I need to get a grip. Oooo last summer, the city sent a ltr. saying my weeds on the hill were over the height limit,,,big mess with that. Now I'm afraid of that little nasty city man coming to my door again. I'm wayyyy too old for all this.