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I have a new mac pro.  can anyone tell me how to post a photo to forum thread from internet?


thanks, shoekitty

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@shoekitty where do you have the pictures? Are you using the photos app?  if your pictures are there, then when you are drafting your message, click on "insert/edit image", in the pop-up, click choose file, then click "photos", find your photo, select it, click "insert image". Be patient if the computer is slow in any of these steps, don't over click.  Good luck!

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i dont have any pictures yet.  but mainly on the Q  forums I post photos from the internet.  my computer is new and I haven't had time to go to a class to learn how to work this thing!

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First, find the photo. Second, click on it and press “save photo.” Third, inside the text box of your post across the top line are icons. Look for the icon with mountin peaks and the sun. Fourth, press icon to open it. 5. You will be asked to add a photo by selecting from your own photo library on the Mac. Fifth, select the photo frim your library and choose the size of it you want to post. Sixth, post it here.

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@shoekitty ,


Welcome to the MacBook Pro family!

The thing about Macs is there are many ways to accomplish the same task. Find the one easiest to you.



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I find my pics from google imeges - I drag the pic to my desktop using the mouse tracker pad. Then insert pic using the 9th icon above - it will show your desktop - and you select the pic you want to insert


the best is the fingerprint sign in and all your passwords use the fingerprint too 





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It should be fairly easy if you click on the little image icon in this box, then you can go to "your photos" and click on the image you want to share and boom, you're done.