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@Saita wrote:

I am sad to hear about Jill's departure, but knew after all her years on air, she

would be soon to leave. I've enjoyed her honesty, and her wealth of know- 

ledge she has shared on how to decorate a lovely home. I am an Interior

Designer, I enjoyed her items, and tips along the way.  

Both my husband and I recently (in the last couple of years at age 50) were

able to retire, and moved from the city to our new house at the coast that looks

over the ocean. These plans were on our bucket list to do, and so blessed to

have made it happen. 

I understand Jill wanting to enjoy the next chapter of her life with her family.

As we all work hard and reach those 25 years, (as we did), it's exciting to face

the next part of your journey enjoying the life you are generously given. 

I wish her the very best, and will miss her. Please know Jill, you are thought

of as being just an "enjoyable", wonderful person. God Bless!



Great post @Saita.

Jill's going out on top. Q's loss. Customers' loss as well.

I see her taking a relaxing break then off to something productive and fulfilling, creative. Wish her the best.

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Re: jill bauer retiring?

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She is one of my favorites. No acting silly or yelling or dancing.  She will be missed on Home with Jill too.

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Well said LuLu.  I too will miss Jill.  So smart and gave a great presentation no matter what she was selling.  I hate that the familiar faces are leaving.  The newer faces lack the experience and professionalism needed in this job.  Some are either shopping themselves or acting so silly they can't even present much less sell their product..  Really wish Jill would reconsider.  But if not, Jill enjoy your time with your family and remember we love you.

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I remember when Lisa Robertson left and everyone thought it would be the end of QVC

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Re: jill bauer retiring?

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@lulai   I was not of that opinion re Lisa Robertson.  I worked long enough to know that no one is irreplaceable or inexpendable, although each employee demonstrates different strengths that come to be relied upon by the employer and co-workers.


Jill has earned her retirement and I wish all the best for her and her family.


The newer, younger hosts who stay will "grow" over time, if given a chance to hone the proper hosting skills.

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She has always been a wonderful host...calm and knowledgeable of whatever she presents....and she’s attractive! The whole package.....she will be missed but how great to have a new chapter in her life.
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Re: jill bauer retiring?

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I have enjoyed Jill and her YHJ shows for years....she has some great decorating ideas and her style is much to my liking....have garnered more from her than Valerie Parr Hill in regard to design.  I will miss her ideas, suggestions, designs and creations!  Have enjoyed her over the years and remember when she started with this company; Jill is a class act!  Much success to her in this new phase of her life....

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Re: jill bauer retiring?

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@aroc3435 wrote:

The newer, younger hosts who stay will "grow" over time, if given a chance to hone the proper hosting skills.

---------------- not sure I agree!!  There are several mid-tenured hosts that still present using really poor, unwatchable presentation skills.   I doubt they will ever  'grow and improve' those skills!!



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Anyone know what her next venture will be, or is she really going to be retired??


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@Netter Better wrote:

Anyone know what her next venture will be, or is she really going to be retired??


According to Jill, she is not retiring and she doesn't know what her next venture will be but she said she's too young to retire and needs to work.  Jill posted this on her FB page. This is what she quoted when she made her announcement:


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