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The MR REBATES  has 10% off.



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And at TOP CASHBACK it's a 13% rebate.


(Is Mr Rebates giving a 10% rebate, or actually discounting the sale price by 10 percent?  I've never seen that before on any rebate site.) 

@Tinkrbl44  I have no idea, I've never used Mr Rebates or anything like it..  The only thing I've used in the past is store coupons or rewards from the store itself.


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I thought Rakuten was pretty good, but none of them have all the stores, and the stores' rebate percentages change all the time. 


If I'm making a good size purchase, I check all 3 sites I use before purchasing ... Rakuten, Mr Rebates .....  and Top Cashback, which usually has the best numbers.  A few times I've gotten 10% rebates on QVC purchases  via TCB.  


My account on all of them has just my name and email address .... they send the money to my Paypal account via my email address.  It takes about 90 days to get a payout .... saves them from paying a rebate on something later returned.   Don't expect a fast turnaround from any of them.


Take the time to check them out .... you won't make millions, but every little bit feels like a success.  Thus far this year, I've gotten $74 back from just TCB. 


Try it once, and see what you think.