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Geico for my car as it isn't worth anything anymore; I have catastrophic coverage only on it. House is ERIE; love them, their CS and how they handle claims- no complaints at all.

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There is no such thing as a good insurance company.

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@SahmIam wrote:

Geico for my car as it isn't worth anything anymore; I have catastrophic coverage only on it. House is ERIE; love them, their CS and how they handle claims- no complaints at all.



@SahmIamwe use ERIE for everything.......including business.

they have great rates. prior to that we had NATIONWIDE, but they beat nationwides rates by quite a bit.

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@sunshine45 I've used Erie for....20 years now. Wouldn't use anyone else : )

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my insurance agent did do alot for me a yr ago.. he lowered my rate, did a great job.. but it always goes up about every other yr, or so.. when i call them they say all the rates for insurances are going up... it just stinks, it finally goes down, but not for long. only thing with changing insurances is, my 1st car accident being a new client, they can drastically increase my rate, happened to a friend of mine... with allstate, they dont, since i've been with them for 20 plus yrs......

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I have amica for home and auto. Love them!

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USAA auto, home and property for 35 years.  Consistently #1 and excellent (all told they have processed $100,000).

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No one here can give any answer of substance to the OP's question.  There are many factors which go into insurance quotes,and if the OP wants to find better coverage or a better price, she will have to do the homework herself.  Call around and get online quotes.


I found seveal years ago that I saved money by speaking with the agent at my AAA abranch location  This is a start.  Also, many organizations such as banks, credit unions, retirement organizations, etc., have insurance discounts.


Again, the OP needs to do this on her own because random strangers on an obscure shopping channel message board cannot give insurance quotes.

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All the "name brand" companies are going to be higher - GEICO is one ot the worst - their prices are outrageous!  Try a smaller company like Hanover. I have found them to be very reasonable for the same coverage as those "big insurers",

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@qvc-loyal customer wrote:

well they lowered it, but it went up again by 10%... i called & they explained all ins. is going up.. i'm mad, but whar are you gonna do....


It's not true that all insurance is going up.  Mine actually went down this year.  


As others have suggested, I think you should meet with a broker.  My son (young male, high-risk category)  got really good insurance at a reasonable rate when he did that even though he lived in a state where car insurance rates are sky-high.


You also should be aware item by item of exactly what you're getting.  How much do they pay for you to rent a car if necessary?   Are there credits for an alarm systerm, etc?  Some things may be worth paying more for, but others may not.


The bottom line is that if you're unhappy with them - and you certainly seem to be - then you should make a change.  Compare rates and move on.  Good luck!