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Re: i still haven't heard from my tax preparer

My husband an I had a rather odd experience. It took us a while to finally get hold of our tax gal but when we did, she got it taken care of fairly quickly. I called her to ask when we could pick it up, and she said, oh I just put it in the mail.


A few days later our refund appeared in our checking account....but weeks later we still hadn't received the paperwork! I left several messages for her and finally she called me back and said oh wait, she HADN'T put it in the mail. So she mailed it and we got it the next day.


I've wondered what would have happened if we'd never received our paperwork; would we have to call the IRS? Fortunately we didn't have to find out.

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Re: i still haven't heard from my tax preparer

@esme wrote:

@janey2  Maybe your state. Not mine. 

I live in VA and they extended our state returns to June 1 - but you can't do your state taxes until your federal are done bc you need figures from the federal.  So the way I see it both taxes have to be done by June 1 - I guess you can hold your federal and not send in till July but if they both are both done anyway just rip that bandaid off the wound and send them both and get it over with.