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@GCR18 wrote:

They are newer hosts.  Their time will come.

Actually, Sandra is not new.  Neither is Courtney really.

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I tune in rarely, but never to see the hosts. I pay minimal attention to them. I'm not even sure I could match the names mentioned to the faces. 

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@fuzzball76 wrote:

Is it just me, or did it seem like Courtney, Alberti, Sandra, were on the rise then Lisa left and then they are on 3am informercial time. They are friends with Lisa. Do you think that this is just coincidence or they are being punished for whatever Lisa did or why she left.



Seriously?     Do you honestly think QVC hosts are scheduled based on who their friends are?

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Scheduling probably goes by seniority, and first choice preference, second choice preference, and nothing to do with who they are friends with.

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Re: guilt by association?

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i won't speculate the "how and/or why"  QVC chooses to run their company. i did however  work every night shift that existed, and not by choice. some of my co-workers chose night shifts. they liked the bonus pay and being free during the day.




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I have thought of this also. I agree with you. QVC is a business but like all businesses, they don't do the right thing. I definitely think Alberti and Courtney are taking a hit because of their friendship. 

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@fuzzball76  Don't you get enough politics on the daily news without trying to dream up silly activity on QVC.  These are just employees reporting to work as scheduled.  Based on what we see, I'd say Q cares very little about the life and times of their employees.

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Sandra's on QVCplus.  I just saw Courtney during "primetime"  selling D&C.  Hasn't Alberti always been on late?  I think he has his own segment coming up on QVCplus.  QVC is 24/7 business and there are only so many hosts, somebody has to work graveyard.  Maybe some like that schedule.


Guilt by association?  What was Lisa guilty of which makes them guilty for being her friends?

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Are you kidding me? 

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I thought QVC  2 are repeats..........................