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I'm very disappointed in my honey bells, too.  They are extremely bland.  My husband and I have been calling them honey blahs.  Just received them yesterday and haven't called customer service yet, but I plan to complain.  At nearly six dollars each, I expect them to be delicious.

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Honeybells are not oranges. They are tangelos - a cross between certain varieties of tangerine and grapefruit. We get pretty good ones at the supermarket.




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Re: cushman honeybells

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There's a lot of negative reviews on Honeybells each year. But all reviews disappear by the time the next tsv comes up because of the new item number.

Very tricky of them I think.

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I hope the Harry and David pears are still nice.  I sent them to my daughters in laws this past Christmas as a gift.  


Years ago, my Daddy got them as a gift from some company.  My Precious Mother kept them under the bed, (for them to ripen as instructed) and would carefully get one out at the time and share with us.  You had to eat them with a spoon they were so juicy. 


As an old lady now, I still  remember how special those pears were to her.  I can't imagine why she would share with children who were too young to care.

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I purchased some, 6 or 7 years ago, but was a bit underwhelmed. Mine were juicy, but lacked the flavor I was expecting based on the presentation. If you like a subtle citrus flavor, you might enjoy them.



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@Kachina624 wrote:

I used to order wonderful big cheesecakes from the Cheesecake Factory.  Placed an order several years ago and here cake this pitiful little thing from Harry and David in a flavor that in no way resembled what I ordered.  Harry and David seem to be the kiss of death to food sales but they did refund my money.  Apparently the Cheesecake Factory sold their online sales business to H&D unfortunately.


 Agree with your opinion of Harry & David . I used to buy the most delicious cheese from Figi's  from Wisconsin.  Well, Harry & David bought them and now  the cheese is  not good at all ! They don't have  my favorite cheese ball  nor anything as good. Harry & David  buy their competitors out and then cheapen the product...

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@Hoping for the best wrote:

I received my 15lb box of Cushman Honeybells two days ago and what a dissapointment.  The box came from Harry and David.  I was perplexed but opened anyway.  I think they sent me the wrong box as these oranges definately were not was was presented so I figured a mistake had been made.  I called QVC customer service and they told me that Cushmans sold to Harry and David some time ago.  Not one mention of this was on-air on any of the presentations.  Consequently, I believe there is no oversight, or quality control and H&D are shipping regular oranges rather than the honeybells.  All customer service could do is refund me and did nothing to look into this matter.  From the reviews, I wouldl guess this is happening to many others.


EXACTLY!  The box came.


“Did you order anything from Harry and David?”

“No, why?”


But we tried them anyway.  They were NOT at all sweet.  One or two had dried segments.


the first time we had these, years ago, I thought I was in Paradise.  But now?  I had an orange from the supermarket that was sweeter by far.



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Wow sorry to hear about everyone's disappointment. This year I sent the smallest size box to my daughter and her family and they've been raving about how WONDERFUL and delicious the Honeybells are. Guess some unlucky folks got duds. Ours were great!

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I received my order on Friday (the 15lb choice) and I can't tell you how disappointed I am.  Last year I tasted one at my daughters house and it was so good so I couldn't wait to order my own stash.  I'm not sure if they got frozen or what but there is absolutely no flavor, although they were very juicy and smelled great but very bland in taste and color on the inside.  My son and husband all agreed.  I would not order again.  CS did refund me but now I have this huge box of oranges that are basically useless.  

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I purchased five 15lb boxes of Honeybells this year. Three were to my children and grandchildren, all were the gorgeous, huge, juicy, sweet Honeybells I expect. My first box to myself at the beginning of Jan. was the same, every one incredible. I just received the second box, that I purchased on the last ship date to have Honeybells to the end of Feb., because they last a long time. What a disappointment. The Honeybells are half the size of those in my first shipment, mostly green, lightweight for their size, and bitter. Clearly picked before they were ripe. I called CS, she gave me the choice of a replacement or refund, I chose refund since there is no guarantee I will get ripened Honeybells, and a second box of these would be a waste for everyone. I am SO disappointed. I would not have shared some from my first box if I had known that these were what were coming. This is so frustrating. By the way, Harry & David purchased Cushman's several years ago, and H&D are owned by 1-800-Flowers. They have bought up many gourmet food companies, under the umbrella of NY Family of Brands. Cheryl's Cookies, Shari's Berries, Wolferman's, and on and on.