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Re: computer for in experienced person

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All i can do is encourage him to get one.

Yea, but then he has pay to have internet service installed.  This is a costly venture.  No money is being saved in the long run.  Internet service is not cheap. I can see that you're trying to help your mother.  I don't believe having your brother get a computer/tablet is going really going to help.


Another poster mentioned you purchasing what your mother wants and shipping it to her.  Is that an option rather than shelling out monies for a computer and monthly internet fees?

That is what i do,but i live in maine ,she in indiana, she can not see the items. so that is the problem with that.

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Re: computer for in experienced person

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I haven't read all the replies, but I bought my senior parents a computer from Telikin. It is quite senior or inexperienced-friendly. It has touch icons for email and internet and it is very easy to use. They only work with HP printers if you need a printer. I had no problems at all getting it set up on my wi-fi when my dad came to live with me. The support people are always super friendly and very patient, as, again, this computer is marketed to seniors. It might be Linux-based. 


Interesting - I was just checking to be sure I spelled it right (I hadn't) and saw a review that stated "bought for her mother from QVC." I sure never saw this sold here!

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Re: computer for in experienced person

chromebook for sure.  super easy to use, basically no learning curve and very fast.  I bought one for my 95 year old mother who never used a computer in her life.  She loves it.  No virus to worry about it either.  Also inexpensive.