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Re: be careful with the cancel button

What is ironic is that they say that the order is processing and it is too late to cancel... yet the order processes for a week and does not mail out for two weeks... makes you wonder.....

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Re: be careful with the cancel button

Lately my stuff is being sent out in a flash. I think it's shipped ,before they even post, that is has shipped.

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Re: be careful with the cancel button

You can set your email preferences to email you on the order status'.  I get emails when I cancel something.

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Re: be careful with the cancel button

I have also noticed that it’s sometimes more difficult to cancel items lately.  Especially in the last few weeks.  I don’t know if this is just for the holidays or if it is going to be an ongoing thing.


Sometimes (not always) what works for me is trying a different method to cancel.  If I try to cancel by phone and that doesn’t work, I’ll try the website.  If the website doesn’t work, sometimes the Q app will.  Or even just waiting a few minutes or longer and go back to the website and it might let me cancel.  


I always go go to Order Status immediately after canceling to make sure it says “Cancelled”.  I’ve never had an order ship that said it was cancelled on the Order Status.  But then, I admit I haven’t cancelled anything in the last few days or weeks so it may be different right now.

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Re: be careful with the cancel button

Take a screenshot where it says your order has been cancelled. 


If it ships, refuse accepting the package, if you are home and can do so.


Also notify CC company that this is an unauthorized charge, and that you have proof the order was cancelled.


It may sound like a hassle but no company should be getting away with shipping out a cancelled order.  Your CC is charged, you have the hassle of returning the package (and probably at a cost to you), then you wait for your credit.


I personally despise it when a company cannot get its act together. 


Just what I would do.  ymmv

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