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Does anyone use this? They make it sound so good............

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I've been listening to their radio ads for months, and, yes, it does sound good.  I almost went thru the entire online purchase inputting my info and then at the last minute decided to wait.  I started getting multiple phone calls, emails, snail mail.  I finally had to block them. I didn't like the "hard sell".  If I could purchase "anonymously", say, from someplace like Amazon, I would like to give it a try.  I just don't want all the direct contact from the company.   I'd really like to know from those who have purchased it if they think it's worth it (it is kind of pricey).

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@CATLOVER  I've heard the ads as well. I looked it up on the internet, and there are some problems with verifying the benefits. I don't think you can beat real fresh fruits and veggies instead of a pill. Fresh fruits and veggies have fiber and other nutrients you can't get from a pill.