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as I was saying.....before I was so rudely cut off...........!

I don't get all the changes going on. Who really thinks a mom that plans to breast feed will change her mind if she gets some free formula! Raise your hand!!

And, on the other side of the controversy, women who are NOT going to nurse already have a stash of formula at home. Little do they know, of course, that the one THEY picked might not be the one their baby will tolerate.

And, when you nurse they 'suggest' you introduce SOME formula so baby will, in fact, drink other things besides breast milk at some point.........say mom gets sick, or milk declines, etc.

DD got formula with both kids (and SHE is a nurse) and donated it to Early Intervention.

All this blah blah blah about some free formula........WHO started this crazy controversy anyway? Isn't if free from the manufacturer to begin with? I think so. Lisa Paladino's 15 min is UP!