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As far as clothing ,only buy name brands you have bought before.

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@katte  I have purchased Carter's sleepers and rompers for my granddaughter. And, last year I got a good deal on a JS ornament for my Sister-In-Law. (Thanks to a heads-up from the Holiday Forum!) My only complaint is that shipping is uneven, even for those marked for quick shipping. 

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I have had enormous luck with homegoods such as Le Creuset,  Rachael Ray, Spode, Villeroy & Boch, Cuisinart and other well known names: even LocknLock (only clear).


I ordered a shelving/closet unit which was shipped directly from the vendor and received in less than a week.


Occasionally,  items become unavailable after ordering,  but a credit is put into your account. 


The main thing is to never order something you need quickly and you may be surprised by the timing. 

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@QVCkitty1 wrote:

Not recently, it does take forever to get your items. I did get a couple of cute tops, but I found they run small.

I agree it takes awhile to get your order.  My experience, however, is that the tops run huge.  Most all clothing brands I wear a M and the tunics I've bought from Zulily---size S--are very big. Kinda like the Q as I can wear a S and sometimes an XS with QVC's vanity sizing.

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I recently purchased some very fashionable face masks at a reasonable price, and they were of excellent quality. I wIll definitely order from them again😀.



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That's the point beckyb1012.  You have an account which allows you to get on the site even if just to window shop.  If someone does not have an account you cannot window shop.  Before I wrote my post I went there to make sure things haven't changed and they had not.  I could not window shop unless I gave them my email address. 

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@katte wrote:

Does anyone shop Zulily?  I've seen some cute things. 



@katte  Many times each week.  I have some fantastic items, also practical items, and the customer service is beyond excellent.

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@KaySD wrote:

I understand why they are popular with their customers, but I'll pass. They do have some cute things, and they have some good prices. I bought from them several times in their early years. For the most part, though, I couldn't really be sure what I was getting unless I Knew the item from somewhere else, and I couldn't return it if it wasn't what I thought. Plus it takes forever to get things sometimes--and that was way before the pandemic slowed everything down. Overall, the things I got stuck with offset the bargains, and I closed my account. 



@KaySD   All items are returnable except if it is noted in the listing they are not.

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@katte   The typical waiting time is three weeks, but if they have the items, it ships out almost immediately, but they don't stock per se.  It doesn't seem like three weeks if one is busy as I am, and before I know it, packages are here.


Zulily seems to be using UPs much more often which annoys me as then it takes four weeks for items to be delivered.  If OnTrac is delivering, I get them the day after they are shipped, but still the waiting period is three weeks.


The majority of my shopping is at zulily, then amazon, then Q for Valerie's items, but zulily offers fantastic Christmas items, and offers Certified International dishes, beautiful.

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It's been years since I've ordered from Zulily.  Back then I ordered a pair of shoes and a baby outfit.  I loved the shoes, but they fell apart way too soon.    The baby outfit got donated.   They were both brands I were not familiar with.  I haven't ordered since.