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Re: Your monthly cost for health insurance?

In 2016 i was paying 671.00 amonth with a 1500.00 deductable.that was just for me.Thank goodness i turned 65 in Febuary 2016 and went on medicare.I had gotten a letter from my insurance .that my monthly payment would go up over 800.00 a month.With my medicare,my supplament and prescrition drug.It cost me 250.00 a month.

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Re: Your monthly cost for health insurance?

I have an HRA plan through my emloyer for my husband and myself and I pay $314/mo.  No copay and given a bucket of money (that's the HRA part) to use til it's used up every year.  I count myself lucky and hope when I retire that I can keep it (currently retirees are allowed to keep their insurance if they choose.)

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Re: Your monthly cost for health insurance?

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My husband has 100% service connected disability and receives all health coverage thru the VA.   He also has Medicare coverage.   I have coverage thru the VA at no cost to me.  


My best friend and her husband are self employed, and pay nearly $1800. a month for their coverage.   

$1800 a month...ouch.  That is outrageous, how can people afford to pay that kind of money for health insurance?



when you are self employed you just have to make it work.....or choose a lower priced plan.....or get help through the ACA if possible. the only other option is to NOT have insurance and pay the penalty.

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