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Re: Your Views On Anniversary Parties

My parents decided they wanted to have a low-key, drop-in type reception for their 50th anniversary. Although their actual anniversary was in early March, they waited until May to have it because by the time their 50th rolled around, they were retired and they, along with a lot of their friends, were spending the winter months someplace warmer than southwest Michigan.


We had it at Dad's golf club. It's private club, but is just the golf course and a really beautiful clubhouse. Not the whole country club thing. The staff put on a fabulous spread of heavy appetizers. We decorated with beautiful brightly colored bunches of wild flowers and some items from their wedding. Dress was casual, and the club supplied putters and balls for anyone (ie, mostly kids) that were antsy and wanted to spend some time on the putting green. 


It was a wonderful afternoon and very much Mom and Dad. 

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