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My sis had a medical scare today.


Just call me Worried Cocoa Crispy.

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@Kachina624 we’re twins....I was about to post the same till I saw your post 😂.

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I do not consider myself quarantined. Been many times where I chose to be on "sabbatical" from certain parts of life. Living in our home makes this easy for me.


Name? Happy Ready to Skate Clementine.




hckynut 🏒

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Achy Boiled Potato Woman Happy

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FattiBoomBaLatti- NUTS!

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Sighing...... egg whites and kale.

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Irritated Cherry Garcia



FUN thread!

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Re: Your Quarantine Name

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Hungry Texas Sheetcake Cupcake  (with ice cream), all eaten last night.  Hence the Hungry.

"Live frugally, but love extravagantly."
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Tired tuna sandwich.

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Kind- KIND bar(Almond and Carmel)