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Re: Your First "Love"

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Well, "mine" wanted me to "take him in", more than 50 years later.  


My HOA Covenants & Restrictions prevent "boarders" and "visitors".    Only a parent or child is exempted.    

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My first love is my husband.

I did not like him at first – he angered me. So… I married him. That’ll teach him for angering me. lol

Going on 55 years of marriage with him.


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1st grade Billy with red hair and blue eyes, a missing front tooth and great smile. He came to my 6th birthday party and we all went to the Village theater to see Bambi.

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I still remember and think, "what if life had turned out differently."  You never forget your first love!

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Married my first and only love --  married 35 years this year. 

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MY first love, I was 18. We went to the prom and dated for 6 years. One birthday he gave me a beautiful 3 stone diamond ring. When picking it after it was being sized we ran into some friends who thought we were finally getting engaged. Without skipping a beat he said, oh I’m never getting married. 


I broke up with him 2 days later. Here we are in our late 50’s and he never married.

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@Desertdi wrote:

Well, "mine" wanted me to "take him in", more than 50 years later.  


My HOA Covenants & Restrictions prevent "boarders" and "visitors".    Only a parent or child is exempted.    

@Desertdi   I bet there is a story behind your reply. Smiley Happy

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My first love was a nice guy a year ahead of me in high school.  He was very popular and active in sports.  I was a nerd.  We married during college and divorced 10 years later.  I realized that I didn't really love him and didn't want to be married to anyone.  Thinking of my first love makes me sad that he loved me a whole lot more than I loved him.

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I had crushes during grade school but went to an all girls high school and did not do a lot of dating.


In my early 20s I went to work for a mid size company that had several offices throughout the city.  Some of the senior management from hq came to my office to attend a meeting.  In walks Kenny Loggins (ok, his look-a-like...this was early 70s) and I was in love.  I just saw him in passing.  We did not interact.

Approximately a year later, the president of the company called me and asked if I'd be willing to transfer to the main office.  I said yes.  After the transfer, I learned that KL was married and had a young son.  Heavy sigh!


One weekend, the company had a fancy event at the Hotel Del in Coronado and KL was supposed to give a speech.  He was a no show and everyone wondered what was going on.  Monday morning the word got around that his wife informed him she wanted a divorce.  She was leaving him and their son.  He was devastated.


A year later many of the employees attended a co-worker's wedding and I'll never forget locking eyes with him as we were leaving the church.  A little over a year after that we were married.  He was my first love but not my last.  We divorced 12 yrs later and I met my current SO who I have been with for 22 yrs.  I must have a type because ex-husband and SO share the same birthday.  They look nothing alike but are both smart, irreverently funny and did/do treat my like a princess.


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I have been married to mine for 27 years.