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You found a $20 dollar bill. Now what?

You know that $20 dollar bill you found? It's your money, already.

What will you do with this landfall?


Find a $20 bill in a pants pocket or last year's purse, and it feels like a gift.

But what can you really do with it? You can blow most of it. Or you can do something that will make a lasting change -- and actually make your life better in some way.

From food to home to finances, here are eight smart things you can do with a $20 windfall.


Question --

If you HAD to choose only one from among those "eight smart things," which of them would it be?

Or, maybe you'd choose something else. If so, what would THAT be?

P.S. This question is not meant to be applied to any of the QVC hosts' suggestions for where to throw that "found $20 bill."