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Backgammon is my game. I'm also interested in that TIcket to Ride game. It seems like it could be fun, and something new. Haven't gotten it yet. Anyone played it? Was it fun? Hard to learn?



Edited to add: I kind of favor games where there's a slight sadistic side to them. Like Spite and Malice with cards. And backgammon can be played that way too. When you keep sending a person's pieces back up on the bar and block all the spaces so they can't get out again. It's a good outlet for aggression and competitiveness that wouldn't serve me well elsewhere.




it is a fun game, but it can be frustrating! we have the original version, but now they make a lot of different versions in different areas of the world. you have to read the directions carefully and keep the instructions close by. it took me a short while to get the hang of it, but once you stop making wrong moves it is fun.


we are thinking about getting another version.

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