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Wow, what a sight.  Hopes she comes back.

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@Pezzie  Cool pic !!!!!!

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@Pezzie wrote:

It is 111 here.. caught this guy in the "kiddie" pool.  Lol







I guess that's why they call them bird baths, lol.  Is that a hawk?

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I second the thank you for having a bird bath.  For certain, the birds need water all year round!   We live in the northeast and have a large bird bath and we heat it in the winter for them.  Beautiful photo by the way!

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Great picture!  The temps are making me appreciate 57 degrees and drippy here in the PNW!

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We are at 105 and climbing for the next few days.  The nights are in the 70's, though, which is ok.  We have had some nights in the past in the 90's!


I went out very early this morning and it was already feeling oppressive.


If anybody has birdbaths or any container with water for them -  it's nice for the birds but watch out for mosquitoes and standing water.  Be sure to empty them out each day/


The birds have been very quiet the past few days; usually have some bird songs in the morning but nothing lately.  Keeping cool somewhere I guess.

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Here in South Texas its expected to be 106 today and 107 on Monday and temps in the 100's for most of the week..🥵🥵🥵..I can't wait until we "cool down" to 98 degrees by next weekend....gee, should I get my sweaters ready.... 🥶 🤔🥴😉

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What part of South Texas are you at @Spurt , I’m way down in the Rio Grande Valley 

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Watch out little bunnies.

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I am in West Texas, about 2 and a half hours from Sharke. It hit 106 yesterday. Monday and Tuesday, we are suppose to hit 109. All week in the 100' s. Cool down on Friday,  only 98 degrees. At 6:45 this morning. It was already in the high 80' s. It just not cooling down until early morning hours. If I have errands, I get up and out early. Try to be home under air conditioner by 11:00. Too hot!! I don't even want to see July' s electric bill.