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Y&R SCHEDULE-SPOILER DEC 13-17 TH and other things of interest...

> The following are Day by Day previews for the upcoming week of December 13th, courtesy bagels @ Toni's:

Monday 13th December, 2010:
Phyllis becomes Sharon and Adam's reluctant ally.
Another secret from the past threatens to destroy Cane.
Victoria and Nick's bond starts to fall apart.

Tuesday 14th December, 2010:
Cane hits his boiling point.
Kevin admits his feelings for Chloe.
Ronan wants Heather to open up.

Wednesday 15th December, 2010:
Victoria may lose the thing she wants most in life.
Kevin and Jana escape.
Colin and Jill are interrupted.

Thursday 16th December, 2010:
Adam finally gets a lead.
Michael puts Lauren's mind at ease.
Jana receives a warning.

Friday 17th December, 2010:
Adam's new lead could end up convicting him.
Nick and Diane's friendship takes a turn in a new direction.
Billy tries to make Victoria happy.

> Here are NEW scoops for the week of December 20th, courtesy Meghan @ Toni's:
- Ronan and Heather grow closer.
- Victor may be in for a surprise when he arrives home unexpectedly.
- New evidence may either clear Adam or further condemn him.
- Jana continues to manipulate Kevin and gets herself invited to the Chancellor Christmas dinner.

> Here are scoops for the week of December 13th, courtesy Meghan @ Toni's:
- A confrontation between Heather and Ronan has an explosive result.
- Additional secrets from Cane's past are revealed.
- Kevin admits his feelings to Chloe.
- Victoria and Nick are at odds after he attacks Billy.

> Here are NEW Winter Scoops:
- The first snow storm of the year hits Genoa City.
- More secrets from cane's past will be revealed on including Blake.
- Victoria receives a letter from Reed.
- Sharon has second thoughts about marrying Nick.
- Tracy reveals she has the early signs of Alzheimers.
- Victor goes into a rage.
- Wedding bells may ring for a unsuspecting couple.
- Deacon finds an ally in Jack.
- Nina makes a life changing decison.
- Billy and Chloe share a bond over Delia.
- Ronan takes a interest in Victoria.
- A sudden death shakes up Genoa City.


Nick accuses Victoria of making the same mistake as Sharon: loving an unworthy man Victoria is deeply offended by Nick’s remarks The siblings part without repairing their growing estrangement Victoria feels the pressure as fate threatens to take away her hopes for the future Billy struggles to guarantee Victoria’s happiness

Sharon and Adam search Skye’s room for clues Phyllis goes to Skye’s room and is surprised to find Sharon and Adam already there Phyllis taunts the couple with her plans for multiple Adam-centric stories Sharon responds with a challenge: can Phyllis write a fair article that makes it clear Adam was set up?

Phyllis rolls her eyes at Sharon’s sad, delusional thinking Skye is dead and Adam killed her Finally, Phyllis responds with a challenge of her own: if Sharon and Adam can prove their allegations, Phyllis will print them in the magazine Phyllis warns Adam and Sharon that she will continue to search for evidence proving Adam murdered Skye Adam finds a solid clue, but unfortunately for him, the clue suggests that he’s guilty!

Jill invites her new friend Colin to a family dinner at the Chancellor Estate Cane is mortified to see his father ensconced at Jill’s side Colin indulges in subtle taunts designed to get Cane’s goat Cane struggles to maintain his composure Jill is happily oblivious to her new beau’s agenda Colin tells Jill about a friend he and Cane have in common, a young woman named Samantha Jill is struck by what a small world it is Colin unnerves Cane with additional revelations about his past It seems Cane was once on the brink of being tapped to play on a professional rugby team Once alone, Cane confronts his Machiavellian father

Colin threatens to tell Jill and Lily everything Colin tells Cane that he wants him to come home and rejoin their family business Cane understands from the rugby anecdote that Colin will ruin his new life if he doesn’t “play ball” Rage and frustration threaten to trip up Cane’s happy home life Jill’s romance with Colin hits a snag when the pair is interrupted

Chloe and Kevin discuss Genoa City’s assumptions about their relationship Kevin tells Chloe that she should want to be with him the way he wants to be with her Chloe can’t re-write the ending to her favorite movie

At the park, Heather tries to force Ronan to come clean Heather and Ronan argue Ronan calls Heather out on her hypocrisy Ronan pressures Heather to tell him the truth Heather is horrified when Ronan reveals the grim truth about his prognosis Heather encourages Ronan to enjoy life while he still can Ronan and Heather share a kiss