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I ordered my daughter a few pairs of Summer PJ's yesterday. Got an email today they're on the way!  

I looked on Kohls and Macy's websites for the PJ's didn't have what I wanted and prices were high. I'm not a big Walmart fan but have to give them props.

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Kohls' shipping has also been very fast.

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@MoJoV   I always receive my items within two days. 

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Walmart mail to your home rocks!

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I haven’t shopped at Walmart the store in a long time but I do shop them online. They’re very good and on the ball. The stuff comes in two days plus there’s much more to choose from online.
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Their quick response is based on the nature of what you ordered.   Had you ordered food or any home essential items, you’d be waiting several days for their email.  


My last WalMart order took nearly 2 weeks to fill and ship; laundry and dish detergent, sandwich bags, etc.   

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I've ordered from BB&B and Macy's recently and both had my items here within a couple of days.  Amazing!

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@RedTop , that's exactly what I was thinking. My order of household staples seems to be coming on a slow boat from Texas (I bet some of thought I was going to say China Smiley Very Happy). But no, it's coming from Texas and I'm in CA. Seems so weird to order those things from so many miles away. What a time we're living in. 


Anyway, I'm happy to hear about some things having fast shipping. I ordered some shoes from the Earth website and they arrived sooner that the ones I ordered from QVC a week earlier. Not complaining though. They're all here and accounted for. 

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The items that are sold by and shipped from Walmart arrive to me in two days. I’ve ordered groceries from there too that I can’t seem to find in any food stores nowadays, and they arrived in two days also.
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On the 26th I ordered 3 things from Walmart got one package yesterday, another one comes Monday and last one supposed to be Wed. Coming from different warehouses I guess all in all can't complain about the shipping.