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It is getting warmer here in Northern Delaware- upper 80s.  Tomorrow will be in the low 90s with more humidity.  A front moves through Friday night and we will be back in the 70s over the weekend and next week. 





a small state, but a big difference in temperature.

in LSD (lower slower delaware) it is a pleasant 72 degrees!

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@Lucky Charm  You walked the beach for THREE hours?!?!  That's impressive!  👟👟

@LdyBugz   Must fess up!  I dilly-dally looking for sea glass.  So I can stand in a *spot* for probably 10 mins.  !!!


But I did get 19 pieces!


In all-- 34 blocks, 17 one way and 17 the other direction.


Well, it doesn't matter if you stopped to look for sea glass.  You still walked a lot, so good for you!  And you are lucky to find so much sea glass.  Red is the rarest to find of all.  😀

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It is 97 here right now in north Texas. We will have 102 tomorrow and triple digits all next week. I hate this weather; the triple digits are too soon....where to go to escape? Even our family in Michigan is sweltering! We are due tennnis ball-sized hail and 70 mph winds later tonight; this heat just makes the rain turn into storms.