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Tampa Bay Area. 87 degrees, 61% humidity. Dew point 71. Expecting "heavy and torrential rains" with thunderstorms to get here within the next couple of hours. Courtesy of the tropical disturbance in the Gulf. 
Our fifth year in Florida. We're prepared for anything. 

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Was 91° here Tuesday.


hckynut 🇺🇸

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Pretty darn hot here too! SW PA Pittsburgh area. Supposed to hit 90 tomorrow. 86 right now. Next week will be more seasonal. Been poolside all week. My granddaughter and her friend just left. Our Springer Spaniel, Benny, has been jumping in the pool to cool off. So we have been taking advantage of the heat wave!

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It's 84° here right now but the humidity is 60% so it feels swampish outside. YUCK

It's normally hot by Memorial Weekend.

We are still having our Apr-May weather.

The heat normally rolls in by June with the rain & humidity going away. 

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Too darn hot for me, ugh and yuck!!!!!!  I am not a person who likes hot weather add humidity and I'm doing very little, no energy or motivation.  Of course It is summer and this how it will be so I will not wish the time away but I always know Fall is ahead and that is my season.

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It feels hotter today than it is.  Tomorrow will be very hot.  😅

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67 overcast

Long range forecast 70s. Southern CA.
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@Lucky Charm  You walked the beach for THREE hours?!?!  That's impressive!  👟👟

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It was a shocker when I went out earlier   I think the forecast was 80 but it was 90 in MA  by noon.  Early for 90 but it is June.  

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This is my favorite time of year.  Warm to hot with sunshine and no bugs.   I wish we would have it all year round.  

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