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Dine with someone you disliked for a "free meal"? 🤔

A. Always, who says there's "nothing like a free lunch"🤭

B. Yes, if there were other people I liked there 

C.Never, ever!


Opinions, please!






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No, I'd be 'paying' with my time.  "There's no such thing as a free lunch."

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  • C. No! Food always taste bad when you dont like the people you are eating with. 
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C. Never ever. It would just result in free indigestion and heartburn.

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Not ever.

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C ...No, why would I?  Is there somehing else going on or is it just merely someone you don't like who wants to dine with you....why do they want to spend the time with you?

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C.   Never


Food is not an incentive for me to dine with someone I dislike. 

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nope! i'd rather pay for my meal and enjoy my own company.