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Re: Would You FIRE this guy?

Sounds to me like you're trying to control something you have no business trying to control. This is a free country and people can talk to whomever they choose.

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Re: Would You FIRE this guy?

@CelticCrafter wrote:

Good luck trying to find a replacement.








I know, right?




She has a history of not getting along with her neighbors, and having problems with whoever she hires.



I think the guy fired her. 



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Re: Would You FIRE this guy?

No, I wouldn't.

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Re: Would You FIRE this guy?

I'm thinking the debris you put in your can may not be yours. He might have picked up a new client. I don't believe he'll be doing your lawn again and you'll have something else to hold against your neighbor. and why do you know how old he is??

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Re: Would You FIRE this guy?

You seem to be watching this guy like a hawk. If the neighbors haven't complained, I don't think there's much to fire him for.


I don't see how you would know something that is "unbeknownst" to you. And I doubt a 53 year old man would ever tell anyone he fancies himself a lothario. Seems to me that is your personal speculation.


And how do you know exactly how old your landscaper is, anyway?


But it's your house. You have every right to choose who works there. No matter who you choose, they are likely to have some defect that annoys you. The next guy might be too quiet and uncommunicative. That's just how it goes and that's just how people are.

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Re: Would You FIRE this guy?

If it bothers you that he's chatting up the neighbors, then, yes, do relieve him when the season is over.  Would I do so?  Maybe.  It depends on what I think of the neighbors.

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Re: Would You FIRE this guy?

It is not up to you to tell him who he can and can't talk to.


Either he is or is not doing what you want in the yard.  However, you should stop telling him to talk to.  Maybe he likes people.

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Re: Would You FIRE this guy?

I wouldn’t. Sounds like he’s doing the job you hired him for and you’re satisfied with it.

Drumming up new business doesn’t include pretending neighbors don’t exist.

Unless my neighbors complain that he’s bothering them or making them uncomfortable I wouldn’t concern myself with it.
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Re: Would You FIRE this guy?

Why would you even insert yourself into this incident?  I don't want to be blunt, but maybe you should mind your own business and try to keep him around to help you out.

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Re: Would You FIRE this guy?



I guess I must be the only one here thinking about the money.  The question to ask first is how are you paying him ... by the job, or by the hour? 


 If he takes three hours to do a one hour job because he's socializing, he shouldn't be paid for 3 hours. OTOH, if you are paying him for the job, does it matter if he takes one hour or three to cut your grass?  


I guess I missed the part about why you think it's up to you to control him, but would love it if you would re-cap that point.  What's really going on here?