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Re: Worst Advice

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Telling people they are wrong for having a certain opinion.  Moral Superiority.  

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The ever popular "IT COULD BE WORSE"  or  "IT CAN ONLY GET BETTER!

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"You can't fight city hall"

Yes. Yes you can.

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Re: Worst Advice

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When a door closes, a window opens.


LOL.  Gag me😜

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@QVCkitty1 wrote:

@ECBG wrote:


Be the bigger person as long as you don't end up being a doormat!

@ECBG  It has been my experience that with most people it is a waste of my time.



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@decaf wrote:

"God never puts more on your plate than you can handle"   That one's a big grrrrrrrrrrrr for me.


I was going to respond with that phrase too.


Someone said one day and I said, "if that were true suicide wouldn't exist."

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Oh. What did you do to deserve that?

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The one that annoys me every time is when somebody, who has no idea how the 'thing' is going to come out, tells me "It's going to be ok".   You don't know that.   Stop it.  If there was any evidence that the person knew that, fine.   But that's never the case.  It's just something to say.  I'd rather they said nothing.


I could go on about another category of bad advice but I'll keep that to myself.   

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True Confession:


I've fallen in to the trap of using some of these ridiculous adages that have been shared in this post when I'm in an awkward or uncomfortable position. 


Now, I just let them know I do care and am willing to talk if they wish. I just hug the person or pat them on the back, or shake their hand. That's all. No need to put my spin on the situation for what they themselves are experiencing.

Most of the time they are grateful for your appearance, not for what you've said.





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When someone is going through a horrible time, it really is hard to come up with the exact words that would be of any help. So I gladly accept any effort, barring something that is outright insensitive.

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