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World's Best Dishcloth............

"World's Best" Dishcloth


We've found a BETTER replacement for the popular but hard-to-get Sangamon Mills Sunflower Dishcloths! I've tried them out in my own home and I like them better. To date, we've sold thousands of these dishcloths in the store and online.

What's more, these new dishcloths come in brighter colors (usually red, royal blue, gold, olive gray, yellow, purple and teal) and have been made in the U.S. since 1884. We do our best to send you an assortment of colors -- not all colors are in stock every day. If you have a preference for all one color, please indicate in the comments section but it may delay your order if that color is not in stock. We'll contact you if that is the case.

  • World’s best dish cloth
  • Unique construction for durability and absorbency
  • Use anywhere from kitchen to shop to car
  • Ideal for washing, dusting or cleaning anything
  • Launder before use for maximum absorbency

I just bought 40 of these for Christmas.....We had an early Christmas at my Mom and Dad's because they have a home in Florida they go to for the winter....Let me tell you they are the BEST...We have an Amish place to buy the Sagamon Mills Sunflower ones....I looked at them before buying these....These are better than them....just as the lady states here.....These are the only ones I will use from now on..... ( It was pretty funny to see all the girls and ladies screaming a bit about these when they saw them...The men and boys at the Christmas Party were speechless....then saying what the Heck....a dishcloth.....................Ladies we know.......


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