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Today, November 13th, is World Kindness Day. 


The world needs more kindness.






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So true.

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OH MYYYY !!! Yes it sure every way.


Thank you for the post.  Lets all hear it for KINDNESS..woohooo

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  Kindness should be a normal part of everyday life. It’s sad we have to have a day to remind us of that.

   I try to be thoughtful & kind everyday.The world  🌎 would be a better place if more people thought that way. 

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These appointed "national" days are pointless.

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That was my first thought @NicksmomESQ.  If you were raised right and I think most of us were, every day is kindness day.  

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I follow ‘bedelgeuse’ on Tumblr.

Beautiful illustrations based on anatomy.

Of course, being ‘Kindness’ today, the heart was chosen.




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I can get behind that.  Encouraging kindness is a great thing!

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