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Re: Women over 60....

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Important:  Transformation/growth


                   Lifestyle that promotes kindness and growth.


Not important:  Everything else including age,



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@SeaMaiden....I think we may possibly be twins. Cat LOL

I promise to remind myself every day that I am strong, courageous, and resilient.
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I never cared much about high priced shoes or handbags, won’t spend the money on them. (But I’ll drop $2000 for a saddle!). 


I still love jewelry but am only tempted by certain gemstones now. I found a gorgeous padparadscha for sale but won’t let myself buy it - can’t justify that kind of money now that I’m retired.  


Still dye my hair because I’m a dark brunette and hairdresser says I’m only 35% grey so I’m waiting for a higher percentage before I go natural. 


Skincare, yes, I spend money on that and always use sunscreen. 😊

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@SeaMaiden wrote:


Each day above ground is a good day (important).



BS from friends & family.



"Never argue with a fool. Onlookers may not be able to tell the difference."


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@SeaMaiden wrote:



 Things important to me


My Skincare.... I am a skin care junkie.. Not A  makeup junkie...  hardly wear much makeup anymore... lipstick and mascara is just about all.... just  like good healthy looking skin and products that keep it that way.   Skincare  one area that I spend too much  money on probably.... Tattoos are a huge NO for me.  As are tans or any  tanning stains that they sell....   messy, smelly... just why?


my hair.... I want it healthy and looking nice when I go out.  But no coloring, no trendy fu fu fluffy "hair don't" .  Just natural healthy REAL hair.  Simple... not going to blow dry and curl and use all those appliances  that damage my hair.  Colored my hair for 30 years. NEVER AGAIN.


What I wear... I like to look nice, but, nothing too trendy... nothing garish or sparkle and shine. Clothes that fit and flatter whatever is going on with my figure at the time(LOL!) NO LOGO  EVER!!!!! Man Indifferent


My lifestyle      I like quiet... no parties, nothing loud.... no large crowds...   I will not drive far from home anymore....nothing that requires lots of planing. I like things simple... simple food,  less and less stuff... simple living.  Taking good care of myself and staying healthy as I can.  I love taking supplements... keeping up on the latest natural supplements and herbs to take daily.



Things not important to me


 Shoes...  NO expensive fancy shoes... I just wear what looks nice for the price that are good for my feet  and comfortable... .  I never notice what shoes someone is wearing...could care less.


Handbags... I have two.  That is it. When they are getting worn out,  I will buy a new one.  Just do not care about handbags being expensive. Waste of money. nor do I change them out with my outfit for the day.   SERIOUSLY??? 


Jewelery....  It use to be important... SO IMPORTANT...but now in my 60's I barely put on earrings.. do not know why the change in me for not wanting to wear jewelery anymore.  Just one of those getting older things where what is really important out shines things that just do not matter to me at this time. 




@SeaMaiden  Going down your list seems like the best way to organize my reply:



SKINCARE.    definitely more important than makeup, 

                        but do wear a little more than you on 

                        4-5 days a week I do wear it.


HAIR.              Same as you. Healthy, conditioned, no 

                        dye, simple short style.



      CLOTHING AND JEWELRY.    I’ve limited my wardrobe 

                        to essentials. Spend a lot of money on  

                        the basic pieces and good boots. Couldn’t 

                        care less about trends, either. Jewelry is 

                         classic pieces I tend to wear every day,

                         things that have sentimental meaning.

                        Don’t shop for more except if exceptional. 


HANDBAGS.    Have LV bags and Dooney & appreciate a 

                         good bag. Have gifted many to dd & dil.



LIFESTYLE:     Yes, prefer quiet nights, small groups, being 

                         alone more than when younger. Enjoy my 

                          granddaughters, worry about 90 yr. old 

                           Mom a lot......

                           (stressful, so try to find peace elsewhere). 

                          Love a Sunday afternoon movie w/ dh & lg. 

                           popcorn. Like cooking home w/ 

                            occasional meals out. Stay close to 

                           home, too except Seattle trips to see dd.


I stay healthy going to gym 5-6 days a week and walking dogs, eat healthy low carb diet w/ lots of veggies. I’m trying to get more sleep. Jewelry business and makeup appointments scaled down to my schedule now...more restful, less stress and deadlines. I stay away from toxic people and try to meditate first thing in the morning. Looking forward to dh’s (at least partial) retirement, but except for several destinations planned, travel has become PIA. Relaxation has become more important than going & doing...even put off grocery shopping and errands, more comfie staying home in my “comfies”. It’ll eventually get done. Hired cleaning service. At 70, decided to spend my energy doing more fun things. I’ve become more selfish about caring for ME....learned to say “no” w/o guilt. Started drinking wine last year 🙃 & enjoy the one glass I can drink before getting silly. My life is much more simple in every aspect. Trying to live quietly and happily loving my family...furry ones included.









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Some people let themselves go, and some don't. Just do what fits you. We live super casually at a lake. I wear some makeup, mostly because I have uneven skin tone. I pretty much wear the same minimal gold jewelry all the time. After decades carrying just a briefcase in my career, I have fun with my bags and frequently change them. I only buy good bags and good shoes; my mother trained me well! No hair coloring but I have a mid-length bob and blow dry it because my hair is wavy. Simple.

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Thank You to all who shared on this thread! I enjoyed reading  each post!   Beautiful thoughtful posts.   🤗🙂😊💓

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Re: Women over 60....

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I'm not yet 60, but I find it sad that women continue to define themselves by age. It's just a number.


What's important to me? Family, friends, faith, health, a roof over my head and the means to do pretty much whatever I want.


What's not? Appearances. Labels. Stuff. Yes, I take care of myself, dress nicely and have some very nice things. But that's just window dressing. No one cares where those things came from or the designer (if any) name. 

~The more someone needs to brag about how wonderful, special, successful, wealthy or important they are, the greater the likelihood that it isn't true. ~

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I was really never a 'shoes, handbags, and massive amounts of cosmetics' type girl.  I bought what I needed.  But I did have massive amounts of fine jewelry. 


I sold a truckload of jewelry back when gold prices were going up that first time, to that place in NY, and got many thousands of dollars for that.  Needless to say, I've stopped buying more jewelry a long time ago - 10+ years.


I was never a fashion plate.  With clothes - same deal - bought what I needed.  Nice looking clothing that was comfortable.   My husband buys more clothes than I.  heh


I'm just trying to feel ok, have a few joys in my life when possible, and have lots of quiet, peaceful time.  That is one of the most important things to me.    For decades I was very social and I entertained A LOT.  I loved every bit of it.  Now, I just enjoy my alone time, watching the trees grow, the birdies and other animals, and taking their pics.  I have taken thousands of pics in the over 3 years since I turned 60 and they give me joy.   


I'm just keepin' it simple now.  Smiley Happy

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Important:  my health

Not important:  reality TV