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Isn't it interesting how when there is a day with Free ship and 5 easy pay on everything, your Wish list "isn't available right now"?!!!!!!!

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I am on Chrome, and, my wish list comes and goes!

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@KABNJR  I was going to post something about this earlier. It seems to happen more often than not on free ship days. I'm giving QVC the benefit of the doubt and guessing too many  people are trying to access their wish lists, and the website is overwhelmed.


ETA: I can access my wish list right now.

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  I thought the same thing as you earlier today. But it was available later on and still is available since then.

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I'm able to access my Wish List. Keep trying, maybe a temporary glitch. 

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@KABNJR    You seem to Infer QVC has some evil purpose in making a wish list disappear.  Why do you think they'd do that when they're desperately trying to sell all they can?

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