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Re: Winter - Love or Not So Much?

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I LOVE Heart our Texas "winters" when we have one....I appreciate them after 4 months of "hell" also known as summer......  Spring and our "fall" are usually pretty nice and a happy medium....( but we truly do not get 4 seasons here).....


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Re: Winter - Love or Not So Much?

Not my favorite but I do make the best of it.

I'm in Alabama & winter is rainy & cold, temps in the 40s, 50s.   

Feels colder.


Snow sometimes, now that I'm retired, I just plan to stay home.


But it's a necessary time of year.   It's when I get out my small chain saw and the big nippers to clear out dead debris in anticipation of Spring, which is my favorite.

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Re: Winter - Love or Not So Much?

After several moves between states and urban/rural, I would say that weather is only one of several variables.  

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Re: Winter - Love or Not So Much?

We moved from Ohio to central FL in 2007.  I can not believe I have been in FL for this long already.  We moved our business here.


I LOVE snow and cold, and I do miss that.  Thankfully, it does get cold in central FL, several times thoughout the winter, though it does not last long.  No snow of course, but it can be in the 30's overnight.


I DO NOT hate the summers.  Yes it is hot and humid, but you get used to it.  There is never a day that I don't want to go outside because it is too hot.  The sky is blue almost every day.


I found the people where I live to be very nice and friendly.  I have some great doctors as well.  Plus there is always lots to do, year round.


If you think your son will stay in NC, if it were me, I would certainly move closer to him, though maybe not to FL.


Good luck to you.  If you move and you hate it, you can always move back.



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Re: Winter - Love or Not So Much?

I HATE Winter, always have, always will. I start counting the days until Spring right away. It seems like Winter is the longest season ( I live in NYC and feel we basically only get Summer and Winter).

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Re: Winter - Love or Not So Much?

Hate snow. Dream of moving somewhere that never gets snow or gets very little. But I hate extreme heat and humidity too.

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Re: Winter - Love or Not So Much?

I live in NC ,bout hour from coast  & 18 miles from SC so we are generally warmer than most of the state.


Do not like snow or winter.Waiting on spring.I always put a countdown on my calendar.


Our house is a cold one so hate to see frosty mornings.


Would love to try Fla.on for size.My business is here thou.Takes alot to move.Wish I had the nerves!

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Re: Winter - Love or Not So Much?

I've lived my entire 65 years on this farm in southern WV, where we have 4 distinct seasons.   Regardless of the weather, I am in the only spot I ever want to call home.   


With climate change it's hard to describe our seasons accurately, as they are no longer what they used to be.   As a child, the snow shovel stood beside our front porch steps from Thanksgiving until Easter; in the 8 years I've been retired, we've only had one winter with a lot of snow, but every winter has seen many polar arctic blasts with extreme cold temperatures.   

Our spring, summer and falls have been extremely wet, and we have seen a couple of HOT weeks in the summer, which means 90's.   As a kid, we rarely saw 85 degrees in the summer.  WV is essentially mountains covered in trees, so we often enjoy a nice  breeze thru the trees on even our hottest days.   

I like the down time in the winter, but have been lucky in not having to get out and go much in bad weather.   It can snow all it wants and we just enjoy the view from inside.   

WV is really a great place to live; affordable, our taxes are reasonable and we have great medical facilities in the state, as well as being close to specialty care facilities.

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Re: Winter - Love or Not So Much?

I love the winter.  Just don't like a lot of snow.  I always liked cooler weather.   

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Re: Winter - Love or Not So Much?

I was born and reared in NC.  Knowing what I do about the larger cities problems and the heat in the summer, I'll visit, but here I have 4 equal seasons, people say please, thank you, and have a nice day and mean it.  

I live between two natural wonders, the Blue Ridge mountains and the Swannanoa Rivers and the Cradle of Forestery is here.

One of the best small cities is twenty minutes away.  In another direction, also 20 minutes away is another small city with great shopping in a sweet little town.


I couldn't move and find this with mild weather.