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Re: Winter - Love or Not So Much?



Not sure how cloudy your area is, but MI is darn cloudy - a lot.  I think the clouds bug me more than the winter itself.  We actually had a rather sunny November and you should have heard our weather people on TV bring it up over and over how unusual it was.  


The last 2 or 3 Octobers were downright awful.  And that is our best fall month with colorful leaves and bright blue skies.  It rained a lot.  No pretty drives to see the changing colors.  It was like living in the Twighlight Zone.  


I know things change from year to year but I often think of a few seniors - one in a nursing home where I volunteered doing nails - she was a lovely soul and full of pep.  But she said her/her husband moved to FL when they retired and when he died her KIDS insisted she come back to MI where they could keep an eye on her.  She let me know that in hindsight she would never have done that.  One of my close friends parents moved to FL when they retired and when her dad passed, she asked her mom to come back to MI and she said 'no way.'  And she didn't.  She loved her retirement community, played the piano, did outings with friends, etc.  She was happy as she could be.  


And that my friends will be me if I am alone.  Weather DOES make a difference to me.  Smiley Happy

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Re: Winter - Love or Not So Much?

I've tried to love winter and I do layer my clothing but I still get cold and if one of us goes to bed before the other we have come to an agreement that the bedroom gets way too warm if the other is in the livingroom watching tv and puts up the heat.  It works very well for the tv watcher but not so well for the sleeper who then wakes up and complains that it's too hot but no such disparity exists during the summer. 


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Re: Winter - Love or Not So Much?

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I have always loved Winter and everything that comes with it except for when I lived in Southern CA, AZ and now Florida. I love it when it's a windchill -70; I love when it's nothing but snow for MONTHS, I love the dark, grey clouds, I love the brisk clean air, I love the coziness of cashmere sweaters, big-oversized sweaters, cuddling up in a blanket on the sofa with my family to watch a movie; playing board games with mugs of hot chocolate; I love a big roaring fire on super cold nights and during the day when it would snow.


ALL of that is missing now and yeah, I find it depressing. Like those who need sunshine and warmth, I crave the cold and darkness.

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Re: Winter - Love or Not So Much?

I grew up in South Florida, nearly 40 years.  Family still lives there so I visit.  85 & sunny every day, had enough.  Live in the northeast now, LOVE the change of seasons as I never had that!