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Wildlife Waystation

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For those who have been following the CA fires and my posts about the Waystation -


“The fire burned 360 degrees of the ranch property. Dozens of fire engines, hundreds of fire fighters, multiple helicopters making water drops over several days saved the center of the property with our main enclosures, hospital and kitchen. Our office was also spared as fire crews held ground against the flames just a few feet from our doors. We simply would not have survived without the heroic efforts of these teams of rescuers.”


They have posted many photos on FB and the fire sure did burn thisclose.  


At first I thought the ‘360 degrees’ was an error and they meant 360 acres, but they have said all along that they were literally surrounded with flames, so I think 360 degrees is what they mean.


The animals are now all back home.


If anyone wants to check out their site to see what they do and read their history:


wildlifewaystation dot org

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