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Re: Wife's BIG Night

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2 years ago, my best friend Brenda's husband took her to see Sir Paul in Los Angeles for her birthday in August. She had a great time! I know your wife will have a blast seeing Sir Paul - live - with her brother --- and ur both great people for helping out little fur-babies.

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Hello, kind Sir!  Traffic is not so bad tonight-I live in your neck of the woods. You are a nice man- lucky wife!

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That was so nice of you! And I am SO jealous! Its my dream to see Paul. (I just saw Ringo and his all star band last year and it was "one of" the best days of my life!). I hope your wife and her brother had a wonderful time! PS I think your tickets were reasonable. My brotther went about 5? years ago and he paid over 200 a piece. He called me and let me hear Paul sing Yesterday over his cellphone and I literally cried. (lol). 

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What can I say that hasn't already been said here?  You are a sweetheart for being good to your sweetheart, isn't that the way it should be?  I'll bet there were lots of times when Cindy put you before herself and besides I don't want you to get a swelled head. Woman LOL

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Hi John!


You're a good man and Cindy is fortunate not only to have you in her life, but to be such a wonderful help to all the creatures who need her.


I just know that tonight's experience is one she'll never forget.  Glad you were able to see him in concert a few years ago.


Do take care, my friend.