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Why is this Christmas such a dread?

We at Chicago Public Schools only have three more days until winter break. Nearly 2/3 of the people I have contact with at three schools, and also at the University are all dreading the Christmas holiday this year.

I always thought I was alone in dreading it, first as a divorced kid having to spend the 24th or 25th on a plane going to the other parent, then after my stepfather died and realizing finally what a nut my mother was. Mother doesn't speak to me until a tragedy comes her way and I have to fix it. She is in a tragedy free moment right now, has been for six months. I sent her a birthday card, made a substantial donation to ALS (my stepfather died 17 years ago of ALS) in the name of she and my siblings for this Christmas and told her in the note that I did not expect anything in return, sent her a Christmas card and no response.

Now I hear so many others in this situation and it seems thta this year more than any other, all are really dreading Christmas.