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Why do people seem to be more symphatetic to human charities than to animal charities?

I am not criticizing. I'm just curious. People in this country have taxpayer money aid and there are a lot of charities. Animal charities always seem to be under founded and they never receive taxpayer aid.

The woman in the bus incident got $700K by people donating small quantities. The little eaglet burned in the Utah fire needs a lot of money for his recovery and there is nothing in the news about people donating hundreds of thousands of dollars. The poor little soul jumped down 25ft without being able to glide to safety. His wing feathers were scorched. He spent about a week there without being able to eat due to his injuries while the wildlife worker got the necessary permit from the feds to move him and get him medical care. The keratin layer in the lower half of his beak came off and the top part is in danger of coming off. His beak is very sensible right now. The layer is similar to a human nail. I have parakeets and know that their beak is very sensitive. The beak of one of them goes very fast and it is necessary take him to the vet. The vet cuts the bottom part where there are no veins. The part close to the base has veins and it would hurt and bleed if that was touched. I don't want to think about the pain this poor little eaglet is going through. The staff at the center says that he is a fighter and I am hoping that attitude helps him to recover soon. I followed the Decorah family and it was very sad to lose D12. 96 days is not enough of a life for a being who is the king of the sky. I want this little Utah eaglet, Phoenix, and his little female friend, found starving, to fly and live long, long lives.