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Re: Why So Many Masks On Sale?

I think it prudent to continue to wear a mask indoors, everywhere. New strains are spreading. Two people in the UK, fully vaccinated, have died from the Indian variant. The news source I read gave no information as to age or pre-existing conditions. 


We've come this far so it would be terrible to find ourselves back months if the vaccine is less effective on the Indian or some yet to be discovered variant.



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Re: Why So Many Masks On Sale?

I am seeing so many places where masks are drastically reduced. The latest two places where I noticed this was at Nordstrom Rack (cloth reusable ones) and Big Lots where a 50 pack of 3-ply disposable masks have a clearance price of $9.99. 


I wonder why? Certainly retailers can't think the end of mask wearing is in sight just because people are starting to get vaccinated?  




My guess is law of supply and demand.  Prices are dropping because sales have dropped, and why should anyone be suprised?  


Currently, the most recent price for disposables  I've seen is 50 for $5.99.   They have to move them out, stat.


I've only purchased disposable masks .... why would I want something else that needed to be laundered?  Did people really think we'd be wearing masks for several years?    I found disposables to be fine, and I wonder if I'll even need to replace the box I currently have.