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one just opened 2 miles from us,

I am not a big buyer of basic stuff there, or organic but the cheese and other sections are great.

love to go there for lunch.



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Can be pricy but look for their 365 brand for good values. I was just there today. This store is quality and other chain stores can't match their quality. Love shoppng there on a limited basis.

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Oh yeah for got to add their hot food bar is wonderful for breakfast.

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@m0rgan wrote:

I almost feel silly saying this but we love their 365 brand whole milk sour cream.  I know but it's true.  Their milk is very reasonable in my area too.

@m0rgan  Finally!  A grocery shopper with whom I can relate!  I have favorite items at different grocery stores/co-ops; consequently I shop at a minimum of 8-10 stores.  


I do love Whole Foods--because it is very nearby, it has good quality food and I love their health and beauty products.   

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@ChynnaBlue wrote:

Whole Foods is an Austin-based store, so they're all over town. When they opened their flagship store downtown a few years ago, it had a full double-page map in the local paper and was such a big deal that Sandra Bullock even mentioned it on Letterman. So when I say it's overrated, take that into consideration. Austin also benefits from the fact that Whole Foods has forced the main grocery store in the area, HEB, to compete seriously. My HEB stores have huge sections for natural and organic foods, herbal teas, specialty cheeses, and other things you normally would have to get at Whole Foods.


I like Whole Foods for speciality items and I love their prepared foods section. I don't do a lot of grocery shopping there because they are limited in terms of what they offer and they are overpriced. But I do stop by a few times a month to pick up prepared items like their soups, breads, pizza, chicken salads, etc.


I actually wasn't impressed with the flagship store. It's a nightmare to park at, I hate the underground parking and the aisles are way too narrow. The one they built in the South part of town next to the Costco was my favorite one before we moved. But before that one opened I used to go all the way up to the one in the north part of town. 


It's funny how different the stores are in various states. I've been to Whole Foods in at least 5 different states and I think my favorites were the one in Baton Rouge and the ones in Vegas. 


I do love Whole Foods though and the whole paycheck thing has run it's course IMO. Get some new material people. 

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We have one nearby, checked it out, nothing thrilling.  I just cannot get excited about grocery or food stores.

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@scraphappy wrote:

A doctor I worked with summed it up well,  "Whole Foods, whole paycheck."

That's bologna!  We shop there a lot, but it fits well the way we buy groceries.  We buy mainly fresh produce--organic.  There prices aren't that much more expensive and the produce is great!  We buy what is on sale too in veggies and fruits.  


We buy milk there IF there is a sale on it.  Same with meat.  We buy what is on sale and the quality is excellent


THe house brands are great quality too.  But we don't buy beer, junk food, or knick nacks that a lot of grocery stores have, so that doesn't fun up the "food" bill either  


It depends on whether you like organic foods, whether you buy a lot of snacks or cook from scratch, whether you like fresh ground nut butters or jarred, things like that.  We buy the organic cereal in bags too.  


Try it with an open mind and see if it fits your needs.  

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@gidgetgh wrote:

Another store I don't care for. For those keeping score, that's Whole Foods, Aldi's and Trader Joe's. 


I'm just a traditional go to the regular grocery store kind of girl. 

TJ's nor Aldi's do anything for me either.  But I LOVE Whole Foods.

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LOVE my Whole Foods!


Say what you will about the prices, but you can't beat their organic grass fed meats.  All of their organic foods are fantastic Smiley Happy


Their 365 Brand is really good, too.  And no, it doesn't cost you an entire paycheck to shop there.  SMH.





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I love Whole Foods and shop there every week.  I know some of their things can be a little more expensive than other grocery stores, but overall I don't find them to be much more expensive than anywhere else.