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Our city is finally getting a Whole Foods opening next week, the 10th, what can you shoppers tell me about this store, TIA!

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Great selection of organic and specialty foods.  I find it very expensive so don't go often but it is a nice treat.

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Great store, a lot over priced, baked good and produce are top notch.

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I think you need to just check it out and see what they have.  Depends if you are prone to cooking from scratch or like to buy things already prepared.  They have a terrific deli with all sorts of salads and prepared foods you could get for take out.    The bakery is nice but I'm not a pastry and dessert person.


Personally, I love the hot food bar and stop at one nearby just to get a sampling of hot foods for breakfast on the weekend.   It will depend on how large the store is .... if it's a big store, there will be more depth and variety of products.


Some things are overpriced, but not everything.   I also like the wide variety of cheeses they carry .... and when truffles are in season, their truffle cheese is to die for!

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A doctor I worked with summed it up well,  "Whole Foods, whole paycheck."

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I love the store but it's 12 miles from us...wish they would build one closer. Hence, I only go twice a month and mainly for produce and items I can't get elsewhere/closer. I also wish they would put out a circular in our local Wednesday paper like all the other grocery stores do in our area so I can better pick the weeks to go based upon sales.

I also find it's fun shopping there Smiley Happy

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I am NOT a budget shopper, but I have to say that our whole foods is way overpriced for what you get. I have wandered in and out a few times and was not impressed. I expected to love it, so I was disappointed overall. I checked out various seeds and flours and found I can get them cheaper at some Amish stores we go to.

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Another store I don't care for. For those keeping score, that's Whole Foods, Aldi's and Trader Joe's. 


I'm just a traditional go to the regular grocery store kind of girl. 

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I just can't justify going to Whole Foods.   


I have a Mariano's maybe a mile from my house   I love that store.  They have awesome produce.   


I also don't like Trader Joe's, @gidgetgh Smiley Happy

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I can tell you they teamed up with Monsanto to hide GMO from food labels. Shop elsewhere. They've sold out.