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My vote is for Jon Hamm!

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@Desertdi wrote:


Don't see anything extra special here.  Just some guy. 

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Neither one appeals to me at all
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John Hamm.   I never thoughts of Elvis as handsome.  

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No contest. Elvis was iconic & good looks isn’t only physical. He had a gentle, humble way about him & was charismatic. Ham is handsome as many other actors are but a flash in the pan. Elvis was special and through my entire life, my only idol. I cried when he was drafted & when he died. Nobody like him & his music lives on.
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Jon Hamm | Biography, Films, TV Shows, & Facts | Britannica


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How Did Elvis Presley Die? - The True Story of Elvis Presley's Death

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@KBEANS wrote:

😆 Only a man would compare the two ! 

Elvis radiated a smolder. along with his looks. (Yes, 2 hot references in one sentence!)  You could see it, feel it and was drawn to it.


John Hamm is good looking, no doubt, but he doesn't do that.

I see guys round here daily that look way better than John Hamm. ( NYC)


Elvis, age wise could have been my father, and Hamm is I think, about a decade younger than me. 

I would go for Elvis today if they were standing in front of me. 

I never disparaged Elvis, even when he was not looking his best. I loved him through all his stages, even though I missed his early days. @Judaline 



@KBEANS Your comment reminds me of a conversation a friend and I had about Ben Affleck. She was saying how attractive he is and I remarked that if she had gone to high school in the Tri-State area in the '80s she would have had 10 guys who were easily better looking in her class. Smiley Happy

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Maybe it's that black hair. But knowing he was blonde IRL and dyed his hair black is a turn-off for me.

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Re: Who is Better Looking?

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Jon Hamm. Elvis as fabulous as he was didn't appeal to me. 

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Re: Who is Better Looking?

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Young Elvis


But look at a young Rck Nelson