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Re: Who Remembers the Old Fashioned Hot Chocolate With Hersheys?

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I know I'm a little late to the chocolate party, but real hot chocolate is a passion of mine!  I agree with Sooner, the Williams Sonoma stuff in a can is wonderful! But WOW, it's pricey!   And it's REAL shaved chocolate. Hot CHOCOLATE and hot COCOA are two different animals!  DH and I travelled to France this past spring and discovered real French drinking chocolate - it's the most decadent 'beverage' I've ever tasted!  There are numerous recipes on line and it's not as sweet as most of the stuff you buy here, but even though it's made with milk, the amount of REAL chocolate makes it thick and delicious.  For a different treat google Mexican or Spanish hot chocolate recipies - they add spice and its really tasty.

DH loves the Dunkin Donuts salted caramel hot chocolate.  It's too sweet for me, but he'll buy an x-large cup and store it in the fridge for a few days! 

I also discovered that the Kilwin's franchise of sweet shops has a 'drinking chocolate' - it's similar to the French version, but a two ounce cup, like espresso.  Not overly sweet and also good.  

If you're looking for a decent powdered mix, Starbucks hot cocoa mixes are pretty good - they are made with milk, not water.  There's a new version called double chocolate that is less sweet than their regular or their salted caramel mix.  I'll put a packet or two in the bottom of my coffee maker and then brew hot coffee over it.  Instant cafe mocha!  It's pretty good.