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Re: Who Likes Summer Festivals?


I still enjoy them to a point, I do not like going when it is super hot and super crowded, I don't like huge crowds, luckily the ones around here arent extremely crowded. I remember years ago going to The Taste of Chicago, and it was so crowded and hot and the lines were so long, I said never again!!!!!Same with Summerfest-no more....I do like our smaller, more local festivals though!

That's exactly why I have not gone to Summerfest in several years and I only see Taste on tv. I will go to German Fest for the food, music and beer, Irish Fest to see the Red Hot Chili Pipers and maybe some of the other ones. There is a big Greek Fest just down the road from me this weekend so I hope to go for at least one meal.

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Re: Who Likes Summer Festivals?

The best fests not too far from me are; Musik Fest in Bethlehem, PA with big name artists (musicians/singers), and the Kutztown Folk fest in Kutztown, PA., which is going on now.


Musik Fest is so cool with musicians/singers/bands from all over (small and big), plus food. People go there from all over the world!


My favorite is; The Kutztown folk fest though! It IS amazing with homemade quilts, artistry like glass blowing, blacksmiths, candle making, wood carving, and many many many more! Plus PA Dutch food galore and entertainment such as hoe down dancing, musicians, zoo petting, acts for children, and much more. It is a celebration of PA Dutch culture. People go there from all over the world too. The quilts are very popular. They give prizes and auction them off for a lot of money. I have been there twice but not lately because there's lots of walking (and I cant walk far w my back anymore). But I highly recommend it.


Then there's the local regular festivals with rides, food, games, and music, which are also fun!


So yes I have always loved fests of all sorts!

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