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If you have paperbacks, the adult detention centers will take them.  They do look at content, but there is not enough reading materials.  For the men, they do not want romance.


Unfortunately, hardback books are more difficult.  You might check senior centers or the veterans' hospital, but many of them would prefer larger print.

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There is a lesson here for all of us:  Don't hoard your books!  

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I am surprised that your library won't take them. That is where I normally donated my book. They have never turned me away.

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Re: Where to donate books?

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I have found that charities I give clothes and household supplies to do not want books because they sit too long and take up space.


My library in town takes recent books for its book sales, but not older ones (same thing: they can't store them for multiple sales).


I send some of my older books to Africa, through someone who knows the needs there. They are mainly older novels by people like Dickens and Trollope and Austen, not contemporary fiction. It helps the more advanced students studying the English language.

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There is a site called any soldier dot com (if memory serves me) and soldiers can request books.  Usually they specify the genre.  I used to send books out to them.

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One of our community colleges takes any used books and use them in what is called, "Project Read" and I think it is a national project. Even came out to the curb and picked up all the boxe we delivered to them. The director said they use them all in teaching reading to all ages.

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Re: Where to donate books?

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In my area, the Salvation Army takes books. My local library didn’t want them because they felt ten loaded boxes were not worth their while. Their loss because my books are always in pristine condition.


ETA: Green Drop, also accepts books. Here, they serve several charities and you can pick one. Items must be left at the curb, so I put anything for them in lawn bags so no one will bother them. They just look like a bunch of regular trash.


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I was surprised, too.  However, they explained they are awash in books and didn't have space to hold/giveaway too many books. 


They do have a small area where you can take books for free, but it is filled to overflowing at all times.

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@luvdoodles, our library won't take them anymore either except for twice a year when they hold their book sale.