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@Witchy Woman That’s great you found the name. Unfortunately my city doesn’t have a drop off but we do have a large used book store that will take them and give us credit for future books to read. 

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I donate mine to Goodwill and also Green Drop, who will pick them up. My town also has little book stands, one in front of the fire station downtown and one at the park where you can leave books and take one to read at the same time, then bring it back. 

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Dh started a free book exchange in our apartment building by the mailboxes. A few at a time.

Leaving them outside a well trafficked area with a sign:

Free please help yourself.

Nursing homes and hospitals are great suggestions.

Our library also does not take used books. 

You can also sell them to used book stores and web sites, you will get very very little for them.

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Nursing homes/Retirement homes are great places, when my mom was in years ago, the selection and quality of books were terrible, I'm sure yours are in great shape and I'm sure they would thank you for the donation.



There's also a store called Half Price Books if you have one in the area.

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Re: Where to donate books?

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@Witchy Woman  Every time the Vietnam Vets come to pick up bags of give aways, I always include a couple of bags of books.  It is so easy.  You can make an appointment for pickup on line.  I leave the bags at the front door and they leave a tax donation on the front door.  You don't even have to leave your house!


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When I worked at our local library, people would be cleaning out the basement of a deceased relative and would want to donate boxes of old MOLDY stinky books. That’s the reason most libraries now will only accept books that are about 5 years old or less—they are all different. Don’t forget nursing homes or a local VA.

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Libraries don't want or need anyone's used books.  Libraries have their own used books that they sell for a $1 a book a couple of times a year.....and they can't unload all of those.  

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Re: Where to donate books?

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I would donate every book I had and every box of clothing and/or household goods to the Vetaran's -- in our area it is the Purple Heart Vets.


However, as I mentioned above, there isn't a nearby location in my area and, the organization said they would not drive down my long driveway to pick up.  I'd have to leave the boxes out on the front road.


I'm not leaving boxes out on my street.


The first time this happened, they drove back to my house (maybe 1/4 mile), and threw out a note in front of my garage saying they could not pick up from my house.


The boxes were sitting on the porch -- at least 20 large boxes of donations.  I had spent several days packing them and hauling them out to the porch.


I called them and they confirmed they would not "drive back" to my home for pickup, but if I put the stuff out on the street they would take it.


That was the end of my efforts to donate to them.  


Right now, I'm just cleaning out books, so can take a few at a time to the Better World Book drop box.


Any other items I box to take to the Salvation Army.  It's 20 minutes away, I drive through and they unload the boxes from my truck.


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@zitawins - I ran into the same problem trying to give the Library books. I was moving and had many books to donate and they said they would only take them during certain times of the year and could I hold them.


Um, I was moving and the books were for free. Off to recycle center they went.