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It's been quite awhile since I've seen her!

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she's on Q2 a lot

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Is she still listed as a host?  If so - maybe vacation.

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Go to the Meet Our Host page, click on her picture & then her FB link (you don't need to have a FB account to view) & you'll see what she's hosting on Q2.

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I haven't seen her in a while either.  It's a shame she's no longer on center stage, i.e. the main channel.

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Re: Where's Nancy Hornback?

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Nancy will be hosting a linens show on Q2 this evening at 8pm EST

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@MandyG06 wrote:

she's on Q2 a lot

@MandyG06  Yep.  Nearly every day, in fact.

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I like Q2 better most of the time. I usually only watch for a couple hours a couple nights a week.  I see Leah and Nancy most of the time. I like both of them and they are easy to watch.

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Flipping thru the channels earlier this week, she was doing an evening show on the new Bissel floor cleaner.

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I really like her as a host too, she is mostly on QVC2. I never see Courtney Cason anymore...Hardly ever......