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Stay rural with easy access to major cities.

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@KarenQVC wrote:

If you could take a 1 year lease on a place in the continental US where would you go?


Your two goals would be to avoid the virus and to be kind of close to a hospital which you hope will not be overwhelmed.

That isn't how I roll.  Where are you going to go to avoid the virus?  Just wear a mask and be smart.  


I am living where I want to live.  I abide by the precautions.  I don't live in fear.  I could get hit by a car running from someone not wearing a mask......

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Re: Where Would You Move?

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@Snowpuppy wrote:

Most people aren't cut out for living that remote.


I once looked at a beautiful property in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. No street address, only gps coordinates. No mail service, you get a PO box in town. 


No UPS, no FedEx. Satellite service for tv and cell. You may need to drive to town to make a call. Propane was a portable tank you load on a pick up and take into town to fill. Wood heat for a backup. 



Also few sunny days in the winter, not much to do if you are so inclined.  No thanks.


My husband was stationed there and he said the snow was piled above the rooftops. Too cold and it isn't that warm in the summer either.

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Someplace where it's not super cold in the winter and not 115 in the summer like it was this year in Arizona. 

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Maybe the Twin Cities in MN. In the metro area, people are very respectful of mask rules, for the most part. And there are great hospitals and a great public health system.


Lots of healthcare options for low income patients as well. The way they are treated filters up to the rest of us because when poorer people can get care they don't have to try to carry on working while sick and untreated. And some social programs there allow lower income workers to stay home while sick, as well as decent unemployment insurance policies.


Those things make a huge difference to public health because the health of the person who checks you out at the grocery store and the person who cares for your family member in the nursing home--can impact all of us. If they're sick, they can make anyone they work with and for sick. (And of course there's basic human rights, but that particular concept doesn't resonate with everyone unfortunately.)

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Re: Where Would You Move?

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A year at our beach sounds great to me! Major hospital nearby.  Smiley Happy

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If it were to be in the continental US; Sedona, Arizona. No if I could venture off the mainland, then Hawaii (heck, I would be a team player and offer to stay longer than a year)! 

We contemplated buying on St John, USVI; the lack of healthcare options was probably the only major negative for us. 

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Re: Where Would You Move?

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@LindaSal wrote:

I have always said you can take me out of New England but you can't take the New England out of me...........therefore I would never leave.........mountains and ocean all within a cars drive, who could ask for more?


I feel the same way!


If I were to leave the New England coast, I'd want to go to the Pacific coast.  



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I would stay right here....923637A8-F27E-4741-A79F-4F7340B518CD.jpeg

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KEY WEST - regardless of what is going on with that dumb virus.