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hello!  Recently I attended a business meeting for almost a week and stayed at a nice hotel.  A few of the evenings we had projects to work on and we would meet in someones room and tackle our assignment.


One girls room was a mess.  She had stuff everywhere.  She had slept in both beds, towels everywhere, coffee cups and just a mess.  One of the ladies in my group made a comment about the condition of her room and her response was...she didn't have to clean it up so why should she care.  When we left the room she left the lights and TV on, again because she didn't have to pay the bill.


So i am just wondering...when you stay at a hotel how do you treat your room?  For me...I don't need clean sheets everyday so I only have housekeeping come in if i am going to be there for a while.  I usually use only one bed and keep the room tidy and turn off the lights and electronics's when i leave.  I am just curious!











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Re: When you stay at a hotel?

I treat the hotel room as if it were my own home. Maybe a little better. LOL I think it's very disrespectful of people to act like pigs because they don't have to clean it up.

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Re: When you stay at a hotel?

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When I travel for work, I'm especially neat in a hotel room.  I'm very self conscious about how the room looks and we never work on projects in each others' rooms.  If I could afford a housekeeper at home I'd probably clean before they got there.  😁

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Re: When you stay at a hotel?

@Franklinbell I keep my things in order, so that I cna find my stuff & I am respectful of the room/staff.

I do what is comfortable for me since I am at a hotel, which is sort of a "treat", but I try not to be wastefull. 

Both beds should be changed when I leave so I wouldn't worry about that.

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Re: When you stay at a hotel?

I treat my room like it is my home. It is my home whether I am staying two nights or two weeks. I want everything tidy and in its place. Certainly turning off lights and electronics is being environmentally conscious regardless of who is paying the bill. 



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Re: When you stay at a hotel?

I'm the same way .. always keep the room neat .... have respect for

the people doing the work ...

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Re: When you stay at a hotel?

I always keep the room tidy and wiped toothpaste in the sink, etc. I can't stand clutter.


My husband and I once rented a house in San Francisco for two weeks.  The owner came the day we were leaving with a cleaning lady.


I had the dishes washed and put away, the counters washed down and the bedding removed ready to be washed.  I had already washed the towels.


I vacuumed a few times during our stay.  The owner said we left the house cleaner than any other renter.  

I have treated every property I have ever stayed in with care and left it clean...of course, the cleaning crew would need to scrub the bathroom, as they should after each person and vacuum, dust and change linens.


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Re: When you stay at a hotel?

We are neat people; never leave a mess in the room.  We tie up our trash and have all our dirty towels together.  

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Re: When you stay at a hotel?

usually the first thing i do when i get to my hotel is to call housekeeping and ask for extra hangers. i like many of my items on hangers. the rest goes in drawers. valuables go into the safe. my empty suitcases go into the closet if they fit. books and personal items go into the drawer next to my bed. ice bucket gets filled and i usually have bottled waters and sodas sitting out for myself. i turn down the A/C as much as i can because i like it on the cold side.


i have been known to use both beds if i am by for lounging, one for sleeping.


used towels go on the floor for housekeeping. i do like my room taken care of daily. 


i usually leave the curtains open, turn the tv off, and turn all the lights off in my room except for the lamp next to my bed.


if i need to meet people or have a business meeting i prefer it to happen outside of my room or others area, lobby, patio.

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Re: When you stay at a hotel?

I always keep my room neat and clean and make things as easy as possible for housekeeping before I check out. I am always respectful of the hard work they do.


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