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When posting a review on clothing, PLEASE........

Give us more information than "you wore it for date night",  "you purchased it for a wedding", "you get lots of compliments when you wear it", etc.  That tells us nothing about the fit, the fabric, if you needed to size up or down. If it was too short or too long.    If I'm looking at the item, I already have an idea of where I'm going to wear it or what occasion I'm purchasing it for.  I need information concerning how the item fits.  A description of your height, body type and if you don't mind, your weight (no one knows who you are, don't be embarrassed) so I can make a comparisons to my height, weight and body type.    I find the majority of reviews of clothing are not very helpful.  And with shipping costs both ways you spend a fortune to get it, try it on and send it back.  With a more detailed description of how the item fits your body, and a description of your body, the more we can cut down on expensive shipping costs.   It's frustration to read a string of review and still not know how the garment fits.  Thank you so much.  🤗p

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Re: When posting a review on clothing, PLEASE........

All good points.   The thing about where someone wore it, though, might indicate it's appropriateness for that occasion.  Not everything you buy is best worn to a wedding, for example.   That info might give someone an idea as to the fabric, embellishments, etc.


What bugs me (OK, 'bugs' is probably overstating it a bit), is when people remove stars on their rating, because a clothing item didn't look good on THEM.  Unless it was represented poorly, it's not fair to rate the item with fewer stars.  For instance, I returned some Vionic sandals because they didn't look good on my foot.  In my rating, I indicated why I  thought that, but, because that didn't change how the item was represented, I still gave it 5 stars.


If, OTOH, an item was portrayed as being a certain length, or a certain colorway, and you found it to be misrepresented, then, by all means, state that and use an appropriate star rating.   That kind of  info is valuable to the Q (hopefully, they are reviewing all reviews with 3 or fewer stars, but who knows?), especially if they see a pattern of similar comments.

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Re: When posting a review on clothing, PLEASE........

I also hate when the bad review is all about how long it took to ship and received.


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Re: When posting a review on clothing, PLEASE........

@KingstonsMom  Add to that...they never received the item or damaged in shipping.


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Re: When posting a review on clothing, PLEASE........

I think improving the quality of the reviews is impossible.  Unless QVC checks each and every post and makes a judgement call (which will never happen, nor do I expect it to), people will write what they want to write.

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Re: When posting a review on clothing, PLEASE........

@Curlstotame  I had to laugh when I read your post as I have felt the same way for years now.    ITA, it's such nonsense telling us what it goes with in your closet, LOL.......or in fact where you wore  it such as date night.  (still laughing)!   Anyway, we have to answer those other silly questions like, who would you recommend this to??  or did you buy the product your reviewing??  How difficult would it be to replace those  questions with "please provide fit information"  just as you said!   

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Re: When posting a review on clothing, PLEASE........

Only my doctor knows my height and weight. It's no one's business what my body is like, and a review as described would be way TMI. If you want to see fit, look at the models. Usually they have a range of body types. If you've hit the half-century mark without a sense of the clothing that works for you, some anon's oversharing review isn't going to help much.


I value the reviews for info on how the garment washed, whether it shrank or ran, if the fabric felt thick or thin or sleazy, whether the plaids match, if the buttons are difficult to secure, if the zippers tend to stick, if the pockets are badly placed, if seams gave way or trim looked tacky in person, etc. I just nixed buying something that I've coveted for a long time here after reading reviews of how unpleasant it felt against the skin. That's info you'll never get in a presentation.



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Re: When posting a review on clothing, PLEASE........

One of the Denim and Co. tops I bought recently had many reviews that it ran small.  So I sized up.  Well, it was too big on me.  I sent it back for an exchange, but my size/color was sold out.


So, the only thing I want to read in reviews is like @noodleann said.  I want to know the weight of the fabric, what it feel like, how it washes, and how well it was made.  


For the fit, I go by what it looks like on the models, my previous experience with that designer, and the online measurements.  If the online measurements don't match what I got, then I send it back as defective and expect a full refund.  I am not talking about small differences.  But it it is off by an inch or two, that can make a big difference for me in the fit.  If the customers keep insisting that the online info matches their clothing, maybe QVC will insist on that too from their manufacturers.

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Re: When posting a review on clothing, PLEASE........

Or for beauty products that say, I just got this and I'm excited to try it. Useless. Lol

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Re: When posting a review on clothing, PLEASE........

@Curlstotame    All that information should be given by the hosts and also be in the description on the website.  After all, QVC has the garment and they should know all about it.

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