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Re: When do you think the Kardashians will go away once and for all?

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Unfortunately, they seem to reflect the values of the younger generation, so are likely never going away. Expect the latest Kardashian offspring to be groomed for celebrity fame and fortune too. It boggles the mind that such a self-obsessed, uneducated, values-challenged family has continually managed to attract mainstream media attention, sell countless retail products, and maintain an enormous fanbase while contributing absolutely nothing (positive) to society. Other than self-promotion, what exactly do they do? It’s a sad commentary on our world.

Give me a break. The "values" of the older generation are what's wrong with this country. Look what they've managed to destroy in such a small amount of time. I can guarantee you the top 5 list of problems this country faces has nothing to do with the younger generation.


I don't particularly care for the Kardashians, but I don't spend a lot of time thinking about them and don't have the visceral hatred for them that a lot seem to have. I am generally anti-reality show and against selling out your family, but they rank pretty low in offensiveness compared to the Duggars and some other families that have tried to cash in on this trend.


I don't get invested in any of their personal stories like many here do. I consider them fun to look at occasionally but harmless overall. The only ones in that circle that ever bother me are Kanye and Caitlyn, but my reasons are related to broader political/social issues.

@JJsMom Well said. The constant rants about millennials and teenagers is really getting old considering what they've seen, heard, and learned is largely from the older generation...

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Re: When do you think the Kardashians will go away once and for all?

The Kardashions will never go away.  They just reproduce and make more of them in an attempt to repopulate the population of the earth.  Each Kardashion child born will have a birthright of a TV contract.  All viewers in the years to come will have to wear bright red robes and white bonnets with occasional cigarette breaks. They will have to worship the goddess Chris. Viewers will be assigned names name like ForChris, ForKhloe,ForKanye.  There will be no attempt to overthrow, just a run for freedom in to Canada.  Who's in?